Hi Everyone. Welcome to the Moray District Scout Shop Blog.

First off a bit about me.

I have been involved with scouting in Moray for about 25 years. I started as a Venture Scout Leader in 1993 then intorduced Explorers when they first formed. I then became a Beaver leader, folllowed by a Scout leader before finally becoming the GSL of the Kinloss Scout Group.

I set up the Moray District Scout Shop to try and keep some of Moray's scouting money in Moray and to use it to support other leaders and Groups. 


MARCH 2018

Well, last month I attended a First Aid at Work Course at Moray College. I have been a First Aider for a number of years but I needed to renew.

What an excellent course, 3 days spent learning lots about first aid. But why is that important to Scouting. It became obvious that a lot of people have no idea about First Aid, yet most Beavers know how to get help, and most Cubs Scouts and Explorers can, to varying degrees, carry out the life saving principals of first aid. We as leaders take for granted what we teach our young charges, it is only when you are in a position to compare Scouts with others that you realise what we achieve week in week out.

On the same vein (if you will pardon the pun) I have a first aid kit in my car, and one in my rucksac so the course forced me to look at what first aid kit I had in the most dangerous of places - my home. A collection of various pills of dubious age, a couple of very old bandages and a few large sticking plasters (the small ones having been used up) What type of first aid kit do you have at home. The next blog will look at a suggested contents list foor a home first aid kit.

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